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Dear Fellow Webmaster,

If you know anything about search engine optimization (SEO), then you know that if you want to rank in the search engines, you have to have a lot of links aimed at your site. That's SEO 101.

The problem is that getting links to your site is a slow, tedious process. First, you have to find other webmasters whose sites match up to your criteria. Then you have to attempt to contact those webmasters (and hope they don't accuse you of spamming them with link requests). Every once in a blue moon somebody will agree to put a link to your site on theirs, and then you have to start all over again.

It's difficult, it's slow, and let's face it, it's boring!

The other option for acquiring links is to join link networks that automatically exchange links with other sites in the network. These are great because they are fast and easy, but you have little control over who you link to (or where your links come from).

While many webmasters are fine with this, you may be one of those whose just not comfortable with relinquishing control of your linking to somebody else who may not share your view of "quality."

So what's a picky webmaster to do?

Join MyWayLinks, that's what! MyWayLinks solves all of the problems of manually finding link partners and all of the problems associated with automated link networks. Take a look at how we work:

MyWayLinks = Lots Of Links + TOTAL CONTROL

Here's how the MyWayLinks system works: each user submits at least one site to the system (all sites in the MWL system have PageRank). The sites are in a variety of categories, and the user who owns the site can specify what kind of links they will accept on their links page.

The more sites you have in the system, the more links you qualify to put on other people's sites. The higher your sites' PageRank, the more links you qualify to put on other sites as well.

Users submit links for inclusion on other sites in the system, but each site owner has total control over what links they will accept. You can approve or decline any link you want to. Of course, the more links you approve, the more links you can have on other sites.

This makes it fast and easy to get lots of links on lots of top-quality sites that already have value in the search engines' eyes (which gets your links crawled and counted much faster).

Your Links, Your Way

You can accept as many or as few links as you want to on your sites. You can submit links to other sites as fast or as slow as you want to. You can have as many sites in the system as you want to. You can remove links from your sites at any time.

The bottom line: you are in total control!

Powerful Results in Google FAST!

The links you'll get from the MyWayLinks system all have great value in Google's eyes, because all of the sites linking to you have PageRank. That means they are already well-linked themselves, and Google loves to see links to your site from sites that have this kind of "authority".

Seeing LARGE jumps in ranking in a few days or weeks is NOT uncommon.

Fast and Easy to Setup

Adding sites into the MyWayLinks system is a breeze: just upload a links page and put a link from your home page to the links page. For Wordpress blogs, we have a special plugin that makes it a snap to install the links page on your blog. Just create a page, upload the plugin and activate it.

That's all there is to it! You can literally add a site to the system in five minutes.

All sites in the system are manually reviewed for quality and must have PageRank.
There are currently 580 active sites in the network that could be linking to YOU.

Here's What You Get

Let's recap all of the advantages of using MyWayLinks to increase your link popularity.

Total control over your linking strategy.
The ability to get as many links as you need, as fast (or slow) as you need them.
A system where every site has PageRank (read: value in the search engines' eyes).
Sites in a variety of categories to accomodate the kind of on-theme links you want.
No more manual link requests sent to webmasters who probably won't respond.
No hasseling with manually updating links pages -- our system does it all for you, and it's easy!

Yes, MyWayLinks gives you the best of both worlds: the same on-theme, high-quality links that manual link acquisition gets you, but with the same speed and ease of use as automated link networks!

But Don't Believe ME -- Believe The Users

An absolute must for anyone who wants page 1 rankings on Google...

I have been using my way links for over 6 months and it has been one of the best investments I have made during my 2 year internet marketing career. (The other 2 being 1WayLinks and 3WayLinks!)

I have over 20 active domains with multiple keyword phrases on page 1 and page 2 as a direct result of using MyWayLinks. One of my biggest keyword phrases is a very competitive 2 word phrase and has 450,000 monthly exact match searches for it! I am currently ranked number 8 and rising. This could not have been achieved without the links from this network which were all from highly relevant, high pr authority sites (as high as pr 5) and all approved within 7 days from the mywaylinks network.

The other side benefit which I truly love is the quota system. I have nearly 20 sites in the network, and they generate enough quota for me to actually sell quota to the other users of the network and put money instantly into my paypal account, so my monthly membership fee is actually paying for itself with profit left over every month!

Thanks MyWayLinks!

Tops Mohiuddin

Tops Mohiuddin


From Being broke to back to Making Money...
Yes, when i was exhausted with all those link building methods for my website which was in fact the sales page, i stumbled upon MyWayLinks, initially i was skeptic but then after signing up i saw the interface i knew this was a goldmine, it lets you to pick and choose the links that you need, a linkbuilding campaign where you have full control of it. And now i am on top, second place to be precise, for my keywords and then traffic and sales were just the natural result of it. Thanks MyWayLinks.

Shristy Chandran

Shristy Chandran


Great Control Over Quality Links!
What I love about this service is the ability to get quality links pointing back to any site you want whenever you want! This service is of great value and tremendously helps with any link building campaign which the backbone for ranking in Google.

This is a very smart investment for anyone who is serious about ranking in Google!

Stephen Bis

Stephen Bis


so good, it's addicting...
Hey Jon,

Well here I am again finding myself urged to speak out about another product or service of yours. People are going to start thinking that I get paid for having something positive say about you and your products and services.

Oh well, they can think what they want since people do that anyways. But again I am compelled to first of all say Thank You for "mywaylinks" because as I have said before,, you never cease to amaze me when you come up with needed and effective products and services as this.

Again, I am not disappointed because mywaylinks follows in the same foot steps as all your other products and services by delivering above and beyond all expectations. Not only is it highly effective, but simple and easy too.

For obvious reasons, I can't tell you my site, but I can tell you that it was a brand new less than a week old site that started ranking like a seasoned authority site in less than the week's time it took me to build it.

As with your other products and services, anyone would be crazy not to grab this. Thanks again Jon.

Terry Davis

Terry Davis


Another MWL success story...
Since using MWL one of my websites has jumped to page 1 in Google on all my major keywords. This is a fantastic result as it has substantially reduced the cost of my Adwords campaign. Many thanks.

Phil Durbin

Phil Durbin


Easiest Way to Get Backlinks Ever!
Everyone knows that backlinks equals traffic which equals more sales and your MyWayLinks is one of the fastest and easiest way to get backlinks, especially from sites with PR. If you are on the fence about this, trust me, this pays for itself in no time. Don't even think about it, just DO IT!

Joe Hernandez

Joe Hernandez


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